A transmedia documentary about the experience of not perceiving colors and the world of cyborgs

Cyborg Project is a cross-platform experience with the intention of recreating in different ways, using technology, the experience of not perceiving colors. The different parts of the project aim to invite the user to experience different ways of perceiving and relating to the world of color and to learn how senses and capabilities can be increased by creating and applying cybernetic extensions into the human body.

Produced by:

Direction: Roger Soldevila / Transmedia and executive producer: Arnau Gifreu / Design: Raymond Lagonigro, Josep Cumeras and Roger Soldevila / Programming: Raymond Lagonigro and Josep Cumeras / Audiovisual producer: Isaac Martinez and Roger Soldevila / Promotion: Arnau Gifreu / This website and logo was design by Catalina Acelas

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Feature documentary about the life of Neil Harbisson, explaining both his past and the present, explaining his activities and following the progress of the surgical operation he has in mind: a magnet implanted in his head to support the eyeborg.
This documentary has been broadcast, fully or partially, in several media and countries: Servus TV (Documentary Screening, Austria), Ubiq (TV Report, Rai Italia), NHK (Footage provided, Japan), Sundance New Frontier (USA), TV and Magazines (Spain), DocsBarcelona International Documentary Festival (Spain) and interDocsBarcelona (Spain).

In a multi-color chip

Interactive documentary about Neil Harbisson.The user can find information about the protagonist, the disease, the device called Eyeborg, the works of art or the concept of cyborg. The user also has the option of watching videos with extra content. The other function of the site is to become an interactive platform in which the user can experience, through an interactive game, Neil Harbisson’s sensations while he/she can create their own work of art or musical painting, post it on a gallery and share it via social networks.

Application for Android operating systems which aims to recreate the metaphor so that the mobile becomes Neil’s eyeborg, that is, it allows the user to experience through the mobile the same sensations experienced by Neil. What the application does is capture the colors through the device’s camera, analyze the color and turn it into a sound/frequency equivalent to the color, which would be played through the speaker.Thus, taking a few pixels from the center of the image, the user is ready to listen to colors.

Eye D

EyeD is a Google Android App which allow to capture colors around and create beautiful color palettes. You can also identify colors by their common name (useful for colorblind people) and their exact name. EyeD is an android camera color picker and a great tool for designers. It's the simple eye dropper tool using the device's camera. Eye D, within the interactive game and the Eyeborg App, are different ways to approach Neil's daily life and perceiving the world without colors...

Other Neil's Media Extensions

These extensions show a retrospective of Neil’s life using different parts of our project and other media sources: how this story begun, how we make the documentary and some academic research, how others used our apps, reports from MIT Open Documentary Lab, German boradcaster RBB Fernsehen and Daily Mail, and different authors approach to the subject.

In 2010, Neil and Moon Ribas Harbisson created the Cyborg Foundation, an international organization to help humans become cyborgs. The foundation was created in response to the many letters and emails received from people interested in becoming cyborgs. The main objectives of the foundation are to widen the senses and human capabilities by creating and applying cybernetic extensions in the human body, to promote the use of cybernetics in cultural events and to defend the rights of cyborgs.